adidas TERREX is a brand that builds technical gear that helps consumers to perform in any conditions without any compromises. While adidas is known for urban (non-outdoor) performance, in the outdoor category they are outsiders and not considered a native brand. Adidas TERREX is up against the well established top of mind competitors.


Build awareness for adidas TERREX with a younger consumer audience and creating credibility within outdoor communities. We should inspire and enable our target audience – which we defined as Daring Natural Achievers – to go outdoors to discover they can do more than they are capable of. Eventually, adidas TERREX wants to increase its market share in the outdoor industry.

Strategic Approach & Tools

Consumer interviews, data analysis, brand audit, competitor audit, EMEA new brand positioning and USP, marketing audit, key consumer insight mining, communications direction and SS18 strategy development.

Solution and Results

Time invested pushing ourselves in the outdoors brings with it a huge list of personal gains. By reaching potential within outdoor sports, consumers unlock their potential in other areas of life too. They become more grounded, more focused and capable of reaching new ground.

To reach your potential within outdoor sports you need relentless commitment, patience and gear that is tuned to your needs and performance. The equipment you use is fundamental to allowing you to unlock your furthest distance, your highest climb and new limits of experience in the outdoors. It is only through the support of gear that breathes and moves with you, grips and holds, and is sufficiently durable that you will reach your potential within flow. With adidas TERREX you are equipped to perform and to reach flow, when you will go further to create the unexpected. This insight connects naturally with adidas overall creative platform – Here to create.

adidas TERREX makes gear for climbing, mountain biking & trail running. Each of these sports has their literal UPs and DOWNs, but each sport also comes with emotional UP-moments and DOWN-moments.

This required a strategy that would capture the reality that exercising outdoors is not always a pure joy. It’s sometimes pure pain – but it’s always worth it. Somewhere in between these UPs and DOWNs, you’ll find yourself in 100% flow, enabling you to completely live without limits for a brief moment, and that’s what makes it all worth it. Everyone goes through UPs & DOWNs in the pursuit of flow…

The solution:


“An integrated campaign celebrating the emotional up and down moments of our audience that will get them into a state of flow.”

Campaign will role out in the next weeks. More to come.


Agency: Ludwig
Global Strategy: Team Persyn Sports Consulting
CD: Gus & Joe


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